Top 5 Conspiracy Theories about Nepal Royal Massacre

Nepal Royal Massacre Conspiracy Theory

The Nepalese Royal Massacre was perhaps the most tragic incident happened in a royal family of Nepal which took place on 1 June, 2001 at Narayanhity Royal Palace, Kathmandu, Nepal. The whole Nepal was in a great shock and disbelief hearing the terrible news where the entire family of King Birendra vanished. Ten people died including the perpetrator and five were wounded.
It was reported that the whole murders were committed by Crown Prince Dipendra as he had been drinking heavily and had misbehaved with one of the guests. His father, King Birendra told his oldest son to leave the party but after one hour he returned with weapons and began to fire which resulted the killing of his father, mother, other relatives and himself. Prince Paras, however, suffered minor injuries and managed to save three royals.


Even though the official investigations and reports showed Dipendra as the responsible person for the massacre, many Nepalese were shocked and confused and were negating all the blames of the crown prince because he was well educated, very popular and well respected by Nepalese population. Some people also argued that he simply couldn’t do all those shootings neither for the throne nor for the shake of his beloved Devyani Rana which is the most circulated rumor.


Birendra Bir Bikram Shah was the 11th king of Nepal. He was in the heart of millions of Nepalese and was regarded as one of the greatest kings, who wanted the Nepalese people to experience real democracy. After his death, Nepalese people suffered a huge loss, or say, they lost their father and became orphan.

Five Conspiracy Theories

Despite all those official reports, Nepalese people had have their own opinions regarding the disastrous incident reverbing in their homes, canteens, streets and offices. The most probable conspiracy theories can be as follows:

5. Tul Bahadur Sherchan

Imagine who may be the person behind the extinction of the generation of popular and beloved king Birendra on that very fateful night, 1 June, 2001? Someone bold enough to come forward in public to claim the whole incident. It was officially declared that Dipendra was responsible for the incident. But after 8 year, all of a sudden, a man named Tul Bahadur Sherchan takes all the responsibility of the Royal Massacre officially. Challenging the government of Nepal, he revealed it in a reporter’s meeting dramatically and suspiciously. Have a look what he said on the video:

4. Security Officials and Doctor

A. Within the palace
The Narayanhity palace was protected by huge number of guards with lethal weapons. So, anyone of them could have done shooting that led the massacre.

B. Hospital
Dipendra was in coma for 3 days. His regular doctor was obstructed time and again to see him. Who did that and why? A new doctor conducted a test and declared him dead. The surprising thing is that there wasn’t postmortem of his body after his death instead he was taken straight away for the cremation. Why not post mortem?

3. India behind the massacre

King Birendra had rejected Indian proposal for security, water resource management, industry and commerce. The Defence Co-operation Article IV states that the government of Nepal should consult with the government of India before purchasing any defense items from countries other than India. Immediately, King Birendra concluded a secret arm purchase with China to supply obsolescent air defense artillery. He wanted to show that Nepal has the sovereignty right to determine its own defense requirements. However, this matter had cooled down after a long economic blockade but we can argue that India can do anything when it comes to security and most probably they had hand in the massacre. Even Pushpa Kamal Dahal, the chairman of the Nepalese Maoist party claimed that the massacre was planned by the Indian intelligence agency RAW.

2. Two Masked Men

Raktakunda is a Nepali novel which has many secrets based on the accounts of the real event that took place in the year 2001. The author of this novel is Krishna Abiral who is also a journalist. He interviewed one of the surviving witnesses, who worked in the palace as a maid of the queen. The book deducts the declaration that Dipendra killed his parents, siblings and other relatives. In this historical novel the author states that there were two men masked as Crown Prince Dipendra who fired the shots that led to the massacre. Who were those two men? Well this conspiracy is still unsolved.

1. Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah

It is quite surprising fact that Gyanendra, the younger brother of king Birendra was outside of the valley when the monstrous incident occurred on that Friday night during the family gathering at Narayanhity palace, Kathmandu. Not only that all the family members of Birendra’s side were gunned downed while Gyanendra’s side were unharmed at all. Well, this may be a coincident but it can be taken into account that Gyanendra wanted the throne so he is the plotter behind this disastrous act.

Note: This articles doesn’t reflect any sentiments or opinion of author. All these conspiracy theories are sourced online from different forums like Quora, Facebook and YouTube.