6 Interesting Laws in Nepal which will surely amaze you

Interesting Laws - Marijuana Legal in Nepal

When it comes to laws of Nepal, there is a proverb as ‘Nepalko kanun daibale janoon’ which means that the rules of Nepal is to be understood by God. It is because the laws here are weird and astonishing enough that people get confused in what sense those laws are made or still prevailing in our country. So, today we are looking at the top 6 amusing Nepali laws that you probably didn’t know.

Laws are the system of rules which a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and which it may enforce by the imposition of penalties. Laws are an integral part of any society and they are made by the representatives who had been selected by the majority of the people. There is no doubt that laws are very important aspects in every country, every city and every place we tend to go because without laws there would be chaos everywhere and people would be in fear and unsafe as the strongest and the most powerful group of people would be in control of our society.

6. License for conductor

We all have traveled in public buses and most likely faced the multitude issue where the conductor often ask us to go deep inside the vehicle so that other passengers could be adjusted. Yes, those conductors must have a license according to the Motor Vehicle Act, Chapter 5. To get that license the conductor should be 18+ but remember and think yourself how many of those conductors in our country are at least 18.

5. Limitation on the number of attendants and band members in wedding ceremony

We all have been attendants in wedding ceremony either of our friends, brothers or other relatives, particularly, it is known as ‘Janti’ in Nepali community which means attendants from bridegroom’s side. According to the Social Practice Reform Act 2033, the number of those attendants should be maximally 51. If it is more than 51, the penalty is Rs 10,000 and up to 15 days jail punishment. Furthermore, it is also stated that the band members that are taken to the ceremony should not be more than 11. Else if the punishment is as of mentioned above. So, don’t take band members of more than 11 in your marriage otherwise you’ll be punished according to the law.

4. Limitation on decoration of homes

In the very act, it is also mentioned that the concerned buildings should not be decorated heavily using lights, flowers and other decorating materials. I don’t know the reason. What do you think? Isn’t it a weird one?

3. Begging is illegal

Every day we see beggars begging on the streets for money and food. According to Begging Prohibition Act, it is not allowed to beg, if found, the beggar can be punished Rs 75 as maintained by law.

2. Restriction on sexual scene in movies

According to Some Public Crime And Punishment Act 2027, it is out of law to show sexual scene in the movies. Not only that the movie cannot be released even if it refers the sexual information. If it is for public health awareness purpose then it is fine otherwise it a criminal act. No person can use vulgar words not only on film but also in real life(public) too.

1. Marijuana is legal in Nepal

Is Marijuana illegal in Nepal? Given that there is no such law which determines the punishments for people for consumption and use of Gaza, we still used to hear so many cases where police use to clear weed farms in Nepal or catch people with weed. But what are the legal implications? Then there is this law that certainly amuses all of us is that in our country Nepal, marijuana can be used medically. According to the Narcotic Drug (Control) Act 2033, Section 5’A’ we can use weed as medicine after receiving a prescription from a doctor or medical practitioner as well as government can sell it and have authority to give license to others. Hence, it is legal to use marijuana medically after 2033.

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