Bollywood Directory Shamelessly stole a Nepali Short Movie – BOB

Bob Nepali Movie stole by Bollywood director

It’s really very convenient to raise standard of something when its once made isn’t it. To
improvise it, to rectify the mistakes, but how would a person feel if somebody else steals the
cake he baked and puts some icing in it and claims it to be his.
No doubt Kriti a short movie made by Sirish Kunder is very strong in its screen play and
the way it is presented in the screen the way the characters have justified their role very
deliciously. The strong background and smart framing skill shown in the movie adds up the
taste to entire film.

I watched bob after watching Kriti after the allegation of Bob’s maker Aneel Neupane in social media just to find out that both the movie to have lots of large similarities.

The similarities starts right from the opening frame. Both the movies start on a frame
opening with certificates on the wall and continues with a conversation between a victim of
schizophrenia and a psychologist. In both the movies the protagonist – the victim is talking
about his girl friend to his psychiatrist and in both the cases the girl friend is a secret one,
not even existing in internet based social media and no one else other than the victim and the
psychiatrist. The justification provided to the girl friend being secret is made more evident
and vivid by quoting agoraphobia than the excuse made in BOB as not wanting to change
but that’s because Kriti is made in a larger scale with more exposure and support in
comparison to Bob. The similarity shown in the name of a prior imaginary friend of both the
victims as ‘mynah’ with ‘Meena’ in bob and as ‘Kriti’ with ‘Rachana’ is another similarity.
The film ending with the death of girlfriend is also similar. The symbolization of paranoid
disorder of a schizophrenic patient in both movie is different both the movies. The whispering
sound heard by patient in ‘Bob’ is one aspect of schizophrenia and the visual hallucination
depicted in ‘Kriti’

Now Kriti being made by a professional and well established editor/director of one of the large
scale film industry of the entire world has more cinematic presentation, thrilling
background music glammed up, setting, proper lighting and very effective post production.
And bob being made by an amateur film maker of rather domestic and not so desired film
industry of Nepal was lagging behind on aforementioned traits however it beats the big scale
venture as Kriti on its screen play which is enough for those who really understand films on
discreet level to know how big perception does the maker of bob carries. Kriti flows on smooth
linear line of play things happen one after another. which is overlapped by sweet touch of non
linearity in Bob which adds up the thrill of the movie in much larger scale than done by the
graphical effects and background scoring of Kriti. Bob wouldn’t have been as delicious if theplot had occurred as the protagonist gets out of the therapy meets the girl goes to a restaurant
ignores her completely till he kills her ceteris paribus.

The issue raised and majority of plots being same in both the movies could be co-incidence
and if it is, it’s a great co-incidence. However, by the way Mr. Kunder responded to the
allegation of Mr. Neupane, I can’t help myself thinking how on holy earth could a person
making pointless movies like joker can come up with idea of making a masterpiece like Kriti.

Bob Nepali Short Movie

Kriti Indian Short Movie



Written by Sulav Pratik Deuja

Sulav Pratik Deuja is currently a cap 2 level student of ca faculty enrolled in institute of chartered accountants of Nepal.
Writing article for website is a completely different field that what he has been involved with till now. Its just a matter of time till we all find out how properly can he justify his new responsibility :)