Nainitaala – Old Folk Songs Mashup by Abhaya and The Steam Injuns

Nainitaala Abhaya The Steam Injuns

Nepalese are attracted to western fashion, trend and culture and Nepal is affected by the westernization of the society. The world of glamour and entertainment are the most affected sector. With the rise of pop, rap, rock and other genres of music in the industry, the nepali folk music was not getting it’s much deserved limelight.

Mostly in the urban areas the people number of people listening to folk music was very low and even those who liked and listened to folk song were termed as “pakhe”. But with this song “Nainitaala” by abhaya and the steam injuns is likely to change this scenario. For those who don’t know, Abhaya and The Steam Injuns is one of the top 10 rock band of Nepal. “Nainitaala” is a song in a classical nepali folk taste presented with an exquisite fusion of peppy western music presented in strong and alluring voice of Abhaya Subba.

Nainitaala is not actually one song or a completely new song, instead it is a mash up of authentic and old nepali folk song of lahureys some even dating back to 1st world war. But the music created by collaborating mainstream music instrument like guitar and keyboard with classical nepali instruments as madal, dhime and percussions is really smart innovative and sensible. It is very appreciable effort of the said team to raise desirability of folk music in perception of youth.

How often do you think the nepalese youth would come together in an occasion to jam up and perform Nepali folk music. This song however, acquires a potential to change that fact. I m quite assured by this song that folk tune is going to get a place in youth’s playlist and will be jammed up.

But; Is this adulteration, is the music glammed up at the cost of its originality and ethnicity or is it just a wise advancement, these are yet to be answered. The answers to these questions entirely depends upon the perception of audiences.



Written by Sulav Pratik Deuja

Sulav Pratik Deuja is currently a cap 2 level student of ca faculty enrolled in institute of chartered accountants of Nepal.
Writing article for website is a completely different field that what he has been involved with till now. Its just a matter of time till we all find out how properly can he justify his new responsibility :)