Cartoonz Crew Freestyle Dance cover of Walking Firiri

Walking Firiri Cartoonz Crew

Cartoonz Crew is not a new name anymore for Nepalese. Especially after the dance cover of “Funtastic Pani Paryo by Almoda Rana Uprety”. After some trouble with previous cover, Cartoon Crewz is back again with new freestyle dance cover of popular and recently trending song “Walking Firiri by Gorkhali Takma”.

Cartoonz Crew is a group of dancers from Kathmandu Nepal. They’ve been uploading dance cover of popular Nepali songs on YouTube. They became really popular after their Funtastic Pani Paryo dance cover gathered more views than the original video. Later, Almoda Rana Uprety took down the video claiming copyright infringement.

Recently, the Funtastic cover was brought back to YouTube. The Cartoonz Crew leader Beest and Almoda Rana Uprety together released a video on Facebook saying that have sorted out all the problems.

Now, Cartoonz Crew is back with a new freestyle cover of popular song Walking Firiri by Gorkhali Takma. According to the video, the video was created by compiling extra footages they took during creation of Funtastic cover. They took the video to thank all the supporters for their constant love. Since this is freestyle cover of the song, you won’t see much resemblance of dance pattern to the actual song lyrics but this dance cover is still interesting with a lot of awesome steps. Shot in Futsal ground, this dance cover will entertain you for sure.

Cartoonz Crew Member Details

For the first time, the members of Cartoonz Crew introduced themselves.
Sabin Karki a.k.a. Beest(Leader).
Saroj Adhikari a.k.a. Pwale.
Bikash Rai a.k.a. Virzil.
Aashma B.K. a.k.a. Sky.
Ram Gurung a.k.a. Hulk
Lakpa Lama a.k.a. Spidey
Subin Chauhan a.k.a. Bat.

They are also reportedly working on new project which will be released soon. Despite not knowing what is that going to be, we are already excited ahead. Let’s wait for that. Keep loving Cartoonz Crew!