Top 5 Facts about Rajesh Hamal

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The Legendary Superstar Rajesh Hamal is not a new name to anyone in Nepal. Words obviously fall short describing him. People living in every corner of Nepal know this man who don’t need an introduction. Here is our attempt to show some extraordinary Rajesh Hamal Facts

Full Name: Rajesh Hamal
Nick Name: Rajesh Dai, Shankar, Mahanayak
Date of Birth: June 9, 1964
Birthplace: Tansen, Palpa, Nepal
Nationality: Nepali
Spouse/Wife: Madhu Bhattarai Hamal
Father’s Name: Dr. Chuda Bahadur Hamal
Mother’s Name: Renu KC Hamal
Occupation: Actor, TV presenter, social worker
Religion: Hinduism
Height: 6 feet 1 inch
First Movie: Yug Dekhi Yug Samma
Fee per movie: Rs. 6 – 8 lakhs
Net Worth: Rs. 30 crore

Top 5 Facts about Rajesh Hamal

  1. Rajesh Hamal Injury during Sadak Movie

Once Hamal was very popular for action films. Indeed his action movies have earned good revenue and many of them were super hit. But in 1994, during the shooting of ‘Sadak’, his role was to rescue his family members from the enemies. He was putting all his efforts to complete that tremendous stunt of breaking the walls of the prison but, all of a sudden, the bricks of the prison fell upon him and became badly hurt. His body was full of blood so, instantly he was taken to the hospital. That was one of the unforgettable event of his life and he simply doesn’t want that sort of thing happen to him in future. However, he recovered the deadly injury after the 5 months of rest and he gradually completed the shooting.

  1. 130 National Awards and 50 Nominations

Rajesh Hamal is the most popular and widely recognized actor of Nepal. He is loved by everyone and he established himself in the heart of millions of Nepalese. His contribution to Nepali Film Industry is immeasurable who has revolutionized the professionalism in Nepali Film Industry. Commencing his acting career from ‘Yug dekhi yug samma’ , he became the most celebrated actor who has now worked in more than 300 films including a Pakistani movie. He began to do 10-12 films which eventually reached more than 20 films a year.

Through his hard work and determination, he has achieved more than 130 national awards for his movies and has received nominations about 50 times. He has won various National film best award, National film supporting actor award, National film best comedian actor etc.

  1. Obsessed with Long Hair

Rajesh Hamal doesn’t like short hair. We have always seen him with long hair in every movie he acts. Quite a few times, he has been criticized by directors for not maintaining his look, particularly his long hair, as asked in the character. In a movie, even in the role of policeman, he was displayed in long hair, which probably  is not what we see in policeman’s personality. His hair became so much significant factor to him that he didn’t even cut his hair during his father’s death which was out of Hindu culture and that time he was bad-mouthed by media throughout Nepal. Well done Hamal, long hair has been your one of  trademarks since you entered into Nepali Cinema.

  1. Excellent Education

The superstar Hamal is one of the very few actors of Nepal who has got the master’s degree. He is one of the most educated personalist in Nepali film industry. It is a bitter truth that many Nepalese celebrity are behind in terms of gaining education. Some of them ended somewhere between their preferred faculty, some gave up in +2 level and some even don’t have completed S.L.C, which if not achieved, is regarded as an illiterate in Nepal.

Rajesh Hamal studied at Bhanubhakta Memorial Higher Secondary School up to grade 8. Then he furthered his school level education in Moscow, Russia. He went there with his father who was a Nepalese Ambassador to Russia. And he completed his M.A in English literature from Chandigarh University, India.

Some people totally give up their running educational career  when they somehow manage to enter into the film industry in a sense of gaining money, name and fame. But Hamal is someone who took his educational journey till the end and still tops the level in the cinema world. He is regarded as one and only superstar of Nepal and the upcoming generation should follow his path.

  1. Late Marriage

Rajesh Hamal Wife Wedding
Despite being talented, handsome, matured, tall and posing prestigious family background, the superstar Hamal aged 50 years to get married. On 24 May 2014, he got married with his beloved 28 year old Madhu Bhattarai at Hotel del’ Annapurna. Even though there were rumors all around of having affair with some beautiful and popular actresses like Karishma Manandhar, Jal Shah, Bipana Thapa he has exposed that those rumors were fake and hadn’t received marriage proposal from any of the actresses.

In an interview, he was questioned about the trend of celebrity marrying celebrity . On that note he didn’t hesitate to say that marriage is done on the understanding of the duo, one shouldn’t look at the name and fame whether they are famous or ordinary one.

Rajesh Hamal is not the one who quickly and easily gets close with strangers. But in a program, he met with Madhu and felt an unusual attraction upon her. He wanted to be close with her. In this way they fell in love and established a relationship.

Hamal thinks that marriage is a social practice and to live in a family and society it is a considerable factor of being human. So, there was no hesitation of marrying at 50. He was often asked when to get married by people and media. The day he got married became the hot news across the country.