Top 5 Facts about Anmol KC

Anmol KC Facts, Height, Weight, Salary per movie, Networth

Anmol KC is the rising star of Kollywood who has played only four movies and they are all commercially successful. There are many people who praise his acting, however, there are not less number of people, if not more, who claim his acting to be poor. Despite his amateur acting skills, a huge number of people have been to the cinema hall to watch his movies and the box office is doing well. The reason behind it may be his attractive looks or being the son of the superstar. Well, we don’t know well about it. It is something that public and other celebrities argue.

Full Name: Anmol KC
Age: 22 years
Birth place: Kathmandu, Nepal
Residence: Kathmandu, Nepal
Nationality: Nepali
Father Name: Bhuwan KC
Mother Name: Susmita KC
Sister Name: Kajal KC
Brother Name: Vivek KC
Girlfriend Name: None
Occupation: Actor, Producer
Height: 6 ft
First Movie: Hostel
First Hit Movie: Hostel
Salary Per Movie: 8-10 lakhs
Net worth: 50 lakhs

Many of us may not know that prior to being an actor for Nepali films, he was associated in Nepali Cinema as a producer. He has worked as a producer for movies like Superstar, Sathi Ma Timro, and Ma Timi Bina Mari Halchu before debuting as an actor in the superhit movie Hotel in 2013. Likewise, there are other facts about him which you may not know. So let’s have a look what are those realities:

5. Anmol KC is not a gay

From the day when Anmol was hyped after releasing the movie ‘Hostel’, many people began to troll him in social networking sites. Some people portrayed him as a girl while others claimed him to be a gay. I don’t know about foreign people but I don’t understand Nepali people either. When a person steps towards success, there is a trend to back him down in our country. Is that because of jealousy? Well, it may be universally applicable but thanks to Anmol he has revealed not to be a gay. In an interview, he was asked about the ridiculous rumor he had heard about himself and he replied on laughing that he heard he is a gay.

4. Highest paid actor

How much do the actors in our country earn working in a film? 2 lakhs? 3 lakhs? or 5 lakhs? Well, it depends. As far as we know the most expensive actor of Kollywood was the superstar Rajesh Hamal whose fee per movie ranges from 6-8 lakhs but here comes an actor who was paid 10 lakhs for a single movie. YES, Anmol got that huge amount for the recently released movie ‘Gajalu’. He broke the record of highest earning celebrity. In addition to that, he has somehow managed to attract Nepali audience to watch Nepali movie. If we talk about some years ago, Nepali movies were not doing good because the Indian movies were humiliating the market so badly. It is an admittable fact the Anmol has to improve his acting skills but he may be the one who can further revolutionize the professionalism in Nepali Cinema after Rajesh Hamal.

3. Education and hobbies

Anmol KC spent most of his childhood in the hostel. Anmol has finished his A-level education from Malpi International College. Anmol likes playing musical instruments. Anmol has a passion for traveling. Collecting coins is his hobby. He said that he has lots of native and foreign coins.

2. Bike lover

After the great success of the movie Dreams which is Anmol’s 3rd movie as an actor, his father bought a new car while he purchased a new bike. He had a bike which worth about 3 lakh. The new bike he had now is Ducati monster 796 which costs Rs 2300000. After returning from the United Kingdom, he changed his cheaper bike with an expensive one. He expressed that he likes to ride a bike rather than the car.He didn’t mention his bike number because he thinks that he would be in a burdensome situation in public areas.

1. Single

It is the quite surprising actuality that the handsome looking future superstar with decent height has no girlfriends yet. Rumors were there about the affair of Anmol and Anna Sharma,the co-actor of the movie Jerry, which are not true actually. It would be difficult to believe but he has told in the media that he is absolutely single. Innumerable girls are so crazy about him. They are so eager to see him in real life. Talking or taking a selfie with him would be a great achievement for them even in a lifetime. He might feel inconvenient while traveling in public places. Regarding his marriage, his father has told the media that he is free to choose anyone he likes. It won’t matter which caste and race she belongs to.

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