Top 5 Facts about Dayahang Rai

Self made gem of Nepali Movie Industry

Dayahang Rai

At present, Dayahang Rai is known as the most renowned and beloved actor in Nepal. Starting his career through theater, this rising star is now totally busy in Nepali Film Industry. He has established himself by doing such a great acting in the movies like ‘Loot‘, and most significantly in ‘Kabaddi‘ and its second version ‘Kabaddi Kabaddi‘. Everyone in the street talk about his real life acting which seems so realistic and most of the time his comedy act made people laugh from the bottom of their heart.

Dayahang Rai Biography

Full Name  Dayahang Rai
Age 35
Birth Place Khawa, Bhojpur District, Nepal
Residence Kathmandu, Nepal
Nationality Nepalese
Father Tilakram Rai
Mother Chandra Devi Rai
Wife Benuka Rai
Son Samduhang Rai
Occupation Actor, Director, Playwriter
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 75 kg
First Movie Anagarik
First Hit Movie Dasdhunga
Salary Per Movie 8-10 lakh
Net Worth 80-100 lakh

Before earning name and fame in the film industry, Rai had struggled a lot in the theater and Television series like ‘Yuwa’, ‘Dalan’ and ‘Hamro Team’. Born in a middle-class family, Rai always had a keen interest in films, play, and playwriting since his childhood. Let’s see some of his real life facts which somehow covers how he stepped in the acting world before becoming a star as of now.

Dayahang Rai Facts

5. Introvert

Dayahang spent his entire childhood life in agriculture and rearing animals. He was a very shy guy. Having introvert character he didn’t use to express himself openly so that making a friend was a difficult task for him. Rai used to hide his injury when he got hurt during playing with friends. He even used to think that telling that to his family would make them sad. So he always had kept his pain to himself. Now we can imagine how introvert Daya was.


4. Inspiration source – His mother

According to the source, Daya actually had two mothers. His family is composed of seven members. Since his childhood, he showed his interest in listening and writing a play. The reason behind his regard towards acting is that his own mother used to tell lots of stories and dramas when he was too young.


3. Creativity and study

In school level extra curriculum activities, Dayahang Rai always participated and expressed his talent. He was always ahead when it comes to creative activities. After doing his schooling in Pashupati Lower Secondary and Annapurna secondary, Rai moved to Bhojpur Multiple College and gained intermediate level degrees with Geography as the major subject. He then joined Nepal Manawiki Campus in Kathmandu to study journalism but couldn’t sustain it because he didn’t compromise his acting career with his study.


2. Kathmandu – The Hope

Because of Maoist insurgency, Rai was afraid that his parent would deny to send him to Kathmandu. So, he told them that he decided to go abroad to work. But,in reality, he wanted to step Kathmandu to seek opportunities. After lying to his parents, he walked for two days to reach the land of opportunities and for the first time in his life he saw a vehicle in the valley.


1. Loot – The turning point

After entering the capital, his struggling stories started. He was accommodated in his relatives home. That was fine but he had to work really hard to become an artist. In his leisure, he used to visit the theater to watch dramas. From 2060 he was connected to acting and in 2063 he got a chance to learn acting in Actor Studio. Before that, he worked in the tele series like Yuwa, Hamro Team, and Dalan. Dalan was broadcasted after 6 years of it’s shooting. Daya debuted in the cinema industry from the movie ‘Anagarik’ featuring Rambabu Gurung. After that, he worked in the films like ‘Mero Euta Sathi Cha’, ‘Dasdhunga’ and ‘Acharya’. All of a sudden in 2069, he was hyped from the role of Gopal Gurung (Gofley) in the super hit movie ‘Loot‘. Since then he has never looked back. His height is further peaked by other successful movies like ‘Kabaddi and ‘Kabaddi Kabaddi.