Top 5 Facts about Sahana Bajracharya

Controversy Queen?

Sahana Bajracharya Biography

Sahana Bajracharya is a Nepali model, whom we mostly see anchoring programs and TV shows. Having gained lots of experience in the media, she has also appeared as a guest actress in the movie called GoodBye Kathmandu in 2012. However, people commonly recognize her as Miss Nepal Earth 2010. Let’s know her more from her biography:

Sahana Bajracharya BioGraphy

Full Name Sahana Bajracharya
Nick Name N/A
Age 27
Birth Place Surkhet, Nepal
Residence Kathmandu, Nepal
Nationality Nepalese
Father N/A
Mother N/A
Boyfriend N/A
Occupation Model/Anchor/Actress/Media Personality
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Weight 55 kg
Eye Black
Hair Black
First Movie Goodbye Kathmandu
First Hit Movie N/A
Salary Per Movie Unknown
Net Worth Unknown

Now, here are some facts about Sahana’s life that may have prevailed as secret for many ordinary people, most of them being heated controversies.

5. Random Comments on Celebrities

It was the time when Sahana slammed the face of star striker Christiano Ronaldo through Facebook which was not acceptable for his fans. Ronaldo was injured during the final of EuroCup (France vs Portugal). His injury turned out to be acting for his haters. Among them was also Sahana Bajracharya.

When she posted this Facebook post, the internet went crazy and comments started flooding.

Another time, she talked about the famous “Tarkari Wali” and people went crazy once again!

Sahana Bajracharya Tarkariwali

That was valid point though :/

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4. The dancing car incident

If you have watched PK (Amir Khan’s movie), then you must have adequate knowledge about the dancing car. For those who haven’t watched it yet, please go and watch first to under what the incident is all about. I am not elaborating here.
So the gist point here is the duo VJ from Kantipur tv, Sahana Bajracharya, and Suraj Giri, were caught doing sexual activity inside their car in Chitwan. This news had gone crazy in the media. But they had refused it.

3. Fired from job (Call Kantipur)

Even though they had created statement against the incident, instead of solving the problem it further increased the skepticism among people. They stated that they would seek for judgment from the court too. But the result of dancing car incident eventually dismissed both of them from their job.

2. Host of Namaste TV

After cooling down of the vibrated incidence, Sahana along with her old colleague Suraj Giri are back on NTV plus. They run a call-in show called, Namaste TV show. They run it on NTV plus from 5 PM -6:30 PM. Popular actors, actresses, athletes, politicians visit their show. As far as I know the most interesting segment is ‘Moment of Truth’ where they fire questions to questions which needs a short and honest answer.
Finally, she ended up with being the host of an interesting show on NTV plus. Let’s see if she will again be fired from her new job creating another controversy or stays cool as never.

1. Social activist

We all know Sahana as a lady who can’t live without controversial stuff from vulgar offense to dancing car. But how many of you knew that she has battled to end the Chaupadi cult which is extensive in the rural area of Western Nepal. Chaupadi cult is something that pressurizes women to be isolated during the menstrual period. It is not a good practice indeed because it degrades the hygiene and sometimes may lead to death. Unlike her disputing acts, it is something like admirable and praiseworthy. Good job Sahana!