Top 20 Most Followed Nepalese on Twitter

most followed nepalese on twitter

I would like to welcome you people to the first ever post on HamroBuzz the new destination for non-stop fun and gossips. Today we are here with the list of Nepalese people on twitter which have high number of followers.

It is estimated that around 3 million Nepalese people are now on twitter. We have collected the list of Nepalese on twitter with highest number of followers. The list only contains the profile of people rather than the organizations and company profiles.

Unlike Bollywood and Hollywood we aren’t lucky enough to get our celebrities of twitter so that we could interact with them. This list mainly consists of politicians and journalists from Nepal.

1. Baburam Bhattarai – 120K followers

Baburam Bhattarai, the ex-prime minister of Nepal and one of the top leader of United Communist Party of Nepal Maoist is the most followed Nepalese on twitter. He joined twitter in January 2013 with handle @brb_laaldhowj . The laaldhowj on his handle represents his underground name during the Civil War Movement in Nepal which lasted for 12 years. His tweets are close to 1200 in numbers as of writing this article. He generally tweets about current political happenings and economy related things as we have seen in his timeline.

2. Lokman Singh Karki – 102K followers

Lokman Singh Karki is another person followed by many Nepalese people. He is close to Dr. Baburam Bhattarai with followers list of 102K.  He is Chief Commissioner of the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA), Nepal. He is famous for this recent works towards fighting corruptions and the progress shown by CIAA after being handled by him.

3. Gagan Thapa – 86.7K followers

Gagan Thapa is the young leader of Nepali Congress Party. He is the sensation among the young and aspiring politicians. Currently he is member of Constituent Assembly from Kathmandu – 4 as stated in his bio in twitter.

4. Rabindra Mishra – 79.6K followers

Rabindra Mishra is not a unknown name in the field of Nepali media. He is the Head for BBC Nepali service and founder of global charity organization called HelpNepal. He is practical philanthropist and philanthropic writer as he stated in his twitter bio.

5. Narayan Shrestha – 70.2K followers

Narayan Shrestha is another journalist from BBC Nepal who secures the no 5th position in the list of top Nepalese persons followed on twitter. If you have ever heard BBC Nepali Service, you might be familiar with his voice. He was formerly associated with BBC Sajha Sawal.

6. Narayan Wagle – 64.5K followers

Narayan Wagle is yet another journalist in the list and writer of the famous novel Palpasa Cafe. He joined twitter on October 2010 as seen in twitter. He generally tweets about current happenings and writings.

7. Kamal Thapa – 42.5K followers

Kamal Thapa is chairman and leader of Rastriya Prajatantra Party Nepal. He generally talks about removing Secularism and making Nepal a Hindu Country once again in social medias too. He is famous for those controversial tweets.

8. Sudheer Sharma – 40.1K followers

Sudheer Sharma is editor in chief of Kantipur Daily. He is one of the famous journalists from Nepal. He is writer of several books which shows the political happenings of the history.

9. Manjushree Thapa – 37.5K followers

Manjushree Thapa is the first female to make on this list of most followed nepalese on twitter. She is author of fiction and non-fiction. She is also a literature translator. She writes columns for print media of US, UK and South Asia.

10. Guna Raj Luitel – 37.5K followers

Guna Raj Luitel is a journalist working on Kathmandu Nepal as he stated on his bio. He is very active on twitter with tweets counting near 5.5K

11. Kunda Dixit – 37.4K followers

Kunda Dixit is close to Manjushree Thapa in followers number. He is journalist of NepaliTimes and is also active on twitter with over 4.6K tweets.

11. Kanak Mani Dixit – 34.9K followers

Kanak Mani Dixit is publisher of famous monthly magazine called Himal Khabar Patrika. He has also written book which deals with the history and other aspects of Nepali ecosystem.

12. Ram Sharan Mahat – 30.8K followers

Ram Sharan Mahat is one of the top leader of Nepali Congress Party. He is current finance minister of Nepal.

13. Kishore Nepal – 26.6K followers

Kishore Nepal is another journalist and writer from Nepal with large number of followers.

14. Buddhisagar – 21.5K followers

Buddhisagar is the writer of the famous novel Karnali Blues. This novel is quite famous and known to many people. He is working for his new novel.

15. Prashant Jha – 20K followers

Prashant Jha is associate editor at Hindustan Times and has tweeted over 16K times.

16. Karna Shakya – 20K followers

Karna Shakya is social worker, businessman and writer from Nepal. He has tweets over 11K times.

17. Nilambar Acharya – 19.2K followers

Nilambar Acharya is senior advocate, political analyst and author.

18. Shivani Singh Tharu – 17.9K followers

Shivani Singh Tharu is another female from Nepal in twitter with large number of followers.

19. Phalano – 17.5K followers

Phalano’s profile is maintained by Rajesh KC who is a political cartoonist from Nepal.

20. Anup Kaphle – 16.6K followers

Anup Kaphle is digital foreign editor at Washington Post and probably the first Nepali to get verified twitter profile.

Some Honourable Mentions:


1. Prabal Gurung – 171K followers

Prabal Gurung can be better called as ex-Nepali as he has already thrown out the Nepali citizenship and now have taken the permanent citizenship of USA. He is fashion designer currently living in New York.

2. Manisha Koirala – 59.5K followers

Manisha Koirala is bollywood actress from Kathmandu Nepal. We don’t know if she is still citizen of Nepal or not.

This much for today. Did we miss any people? Please let us know! We will be updating the article time and again.