Top 10 Most Gossiped Topic About Nepal in 2014

2014 was a great year for gossiper. Many Nepalese came became internet star for several days in this year. You can say them they were viral. From Rishi Dhamal to Bhabika, all created buzz in Nepali Internet Media with their acts. Here are some of the Gossip Nepal 2014 hot topics:

1. Constitution and Election

Nepal couldn’t get new constitution in 2014. So, politicians decided to do another election for constituent assembly. Though Kiran Baidya ignored the election, the election happened and bomb were found in different parts of Nepal followed by several days of Banda.

2. Rishi Dhamala

Rishi Dhamala is one of the top discussed journalist of Nepal. Last year he was in buzz due to his interesting interview with Paras Khadka. There are several memes and trolls on internet regarding the interview.

3. Sajin Maharjan

Sajin Maharjan is one of the YouTuber from Nepal. He has covered several English as well as Nepali songs with his voice. To be brutally honest, He might be the worst singer of the world but he still sings. Hats off to his guts feeling!

4. Shree Krishna Shrestha

RIP Shree Krishna Shrestha
RIP Shree Krishna Shrestha

Shree Krishna Shrestha was the one of the top actor of Kollywood. He had played in several Nepali movies. He was not more than 40 years old but died of pneumonia in India. More sad thing was he was just married 1 month ago. Rest in Peace Shree Krishna Shrestha!

5. Bhabika Upreti
Bhabika became the internet sensation after uploading a video on YouTube about boys. In her 4:01 minutes video, she tried her best to say what she don’t like about boys. Several other boys replied to her videos.

6. Bhim Niraoula

Bhim Niraoula became sensation in internet after his “Sunday Morning Love You” video. That video crossed 1 million views in about a month. Again he is back with his new song, Give me Tablet which is also creating sensation in YouTube and internet.