Top 5 Unique Food Of Nepal

Nepal is a country full of diversities. Ranging from unique geographical conditions and hundreds of castes and languages, Nepalese also entertains several dishes and most of them are unique. Food in Nepal is directly influenced by the different cultures and traditions of the people living here. Here we are presenting top 5 unique food of nepal.

1. Momo
Food in NepalMomo were originally from Tibet but they were much more changed and revised by the Nepali culture. They were called dumplings in Tibet and were of very large size. After entering Nepal, momos now present a different taste and dish for people.

2. Gundruk
Gundruk Food in NepalGundruk is the product obtained after drying leafy green vegetables. It is a popular dish for Nepalese and every Gorkhali household worldwide. It is used as appetizer and important source of minerals during the off-season of green vegetable products.

3. Chhurpi
Churpi Food in NepalChhurpi is traditional type of cheese consumed and prepared mainly in Himalayan region of Nepal. It is prepared from buttermilk in home of himalayan regions and in local dairies too. It can be chewed like a gum too.

4. Selroti
Selroti in Nepal


Selroti is one of the necessary food product for Nepali cultural events like wedding, bratabandha etc. It is one of the food required for the Puja and mostly made in festivals like Tihar and Dashain. It is a traditional food generally prepared in home with sweet flavor. It is one of the truly unique food of Nepal.

5. Chatamari
Chatamari Newari Food NepalChatamari is another unique type of Newari food found in Nepal. Chatamari is similar to pizza in looks but far different in ingredients used. It is a round bread made up of rice flour and topped with other things.