Top 10 Funny Reaction in Social Media after Jan 19 CA act by Maoist Alliance

Nepal is a unique country, absolutely unique and in order to prove this, Nepal politicians went to a next level. At Jan 19, Maoist and other party alliance started destroying the physical properties of CA. They were trying to get into the stage where Subash Chandra Nemwang was present. But due to the presence of “Maryada Palak” they couldn’t do so. Then, they started breaking sofas, microphones by means of which adding some more bills to poor Nepalese and its economy.

Since last 8 year, we are waiting for constitution and still we are waiting. The country spent more than billions of money for constitution but still we aren’t getting anything except shameful act by politicians and lawmakers of Nepal.

Nepalese people are all aware of it but none of them are willing to come forward to oppose this except some folks like Bibeksheel Nepali who are protesting against Bandha. Only thing they do is “posting their anger and reaction in social media” which obviously has no effect on anything. Still it makes us laugh 😀 That’s enough to refresh our mind sometime.

1. Most Famous Response to Baburam Tweet

Scarsam Nepali Social MediaWell, It doesn’t need any explanation 😀

2. Nepali Cricket and Politics

Tweet Reply to Baburam on cricketThis was right after Karan KC’s superb performance in Division 2 cricket match against Canada. Immediately after Baburam Bhattarai, the ex-prime minister of Nepal tweeted there were floods of replies which were focused on only one thing Jan 19 act by Maoist alliance inside CA. It is one of the famous one.

3.  Rise of Planet of Apes vs Nepali Sambidhan Sabha

Rise of Planet of Aps in CA NepalHave you watched Rise of Planet of Apes? You haven’t. Then, no worries. You might have checked the video footage of CA of Jan 19. That’s close enough.

4. Time for beating chair with each other

Hananiye SabhasatThis is the response to Subash Chandra Nemwang who couldn’t handle the situation in time!

5. Cricket vs Nepali Politics

Cricket and Nepali Politics

Joke that lives upto the expectation:

Final Joke

Let us know if you find any other interesting reactions of people on this event 😉



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