#SmashTheChairChallenge Trending On Twitter Nepal

SmashTheChairChallenge is yet another reaction to the Jan 19 Act by “Sabhasad” of Maoist Alliance. They broke the chairs, microphone and even kicked “Maryada Palak”. Literally, they destroyed the physical properties of Constitution Assembly. That night released several sets of photos of CA members breaking the chairs and it became new hot topic for some Nepali twitter users. Their started Smash The Chair Challenge. It is supposed to be a symbolic form of showing the hatred for CA members for their act. BTW we still don’t know who started this trend officially. If you know, please let us know. We would love to show honour to that people.

So what really is “Smash The Chair Challenge“? Well, it is similar to Ice bucket challenge where you have to put a bucket full of ice over you. In this challenge, you will have to post a picture of you holding a chair ready to smash it.

So, are you people ready for it ? 😀

Here are some of the top photos currently on Twitter showing the “Smash The Chair Challenge” :

1. समीरमणि दीक्षित (@smadixit)

 Smash The Chair Challenge - SamarMani DixitThis is the first picture posted on twitter using the hashtag #SmashTheChairChallenge according to the twitter timeline. It is also the best showing the deep angerness that is hidden inside people.

2. iBshnu (@iBshnu)

Smash The Chair Challenge - Bishnu
Here is another one by Bishnu.

3. Santosh Katuwal (@s_kc1)

Smash The Chair Challenge - Santosh Katuwal
This is another photo showing Smash the Chair Challenge by Santosh Katuwal.

We will be posting some more information about this challenge soon.

Meanwhile, Keep on tweeting and posting photos on social media with hashtag with #SmashTheChairChallenge and nominate your friends for this challenge.