10 Countries To Visit Around The World Where Nepali Rupee Will Make You Feel Rich

Top 10 Countries to Visit Around the World if you are on tight budget and from Nepali. These are best countries for Nepali people to visit on their next vacation. Cheap European Country for Nepal traveller with good food and majestic beauty.

The biggest Problem that comes ahead in every travelers mind in Nepal when they are planning to travel abroad is the value of our Nepalese money which is comparatively low among many countries. Normally when someone travel to abroad country which have higher money value and if its a first visit the money converter mind blows ON. Going to a coffee shop eyes at the price of a menu and the mind will start converting the price.

Feel lucky after reading this post because this will make you feel more excited and add more countries to visit to your travel list even I have made mine after knowing all these.

1: Vietnam 1 NRS = 213.86 Dong

Vietnam is the paradise for bag packers. Beautiful beaches and awesome food. What would a traveller need more than that. More interestingly, one can sort out stay, food, transport all in not more than Rs. 1500 a day.

2:  Belarus 1NRS = 151.00 Belarusian Ruble

Want to visit Europe on tight budget? Then Belarus might serve you as perfect destination. Belarus, the former Soviet Union country is seriously cheap. On the other side, there is nothing much to see unless you are a fan of Soviet era Architecture. You can visit the museums, cafes at a price that makes you feel if they are still in Soviet era! 😀

3: Cambodia 1 NRS = 40.51  Riel

Heard of Angkor Wat? Make sure to check this out before going to Cambodia. You can see the majestic beauty of Angkor Wat. This place is perfect for travellers who loves to visit historical things. Morever, basic food, accomodation is cheap there.

4: Mongolia 1 NRS=19.78  Tugrik

You remeber the General Knowledge book you read in high school? Yes, it’s the same country, the biggest landlock country in the world. This country is located above China in Gobi desert. This country is well known for nomads. Explore the unmatched beauty of this culturally rich place.

5: Hungary  1 NRS=2.69 Forint

Budapest, the captial of Hungray is well known for its jaw-dropping architecture. On the center of Europe, this is another country to visit if you love Hungary.

6: Paraguay 1 NRS=47.61 Guarani

Located on southern side of Bolivia, Paraguay is the cheapest country in the world according to the survey by Mercery. Well, that means the food is cheaper, rent is cheaper. This is the place you need to consider going even if you are very tight budget.

7: Iceland 1 NRS=1.36 Icelandic Króna

I love Northern Aurora. Though the name of this country suggest cold climate, it is that cold. And if you love Aurora, you can sacrifice that too.

8: Indonesia 1NRS=1.36 Icelandic Króna

Indonesia is the country full of islands. The islands like Bali and Java are great place to learn their culture and have some good food.

9: Sri Lanka 1NRS=1.34 Sri Lankan Rupee

Lanka, you know this place, right? Sri Lanka is that cheap but good enough to spend your money if you don’t want to go that far.

10: Costa Rica 1NRS=5.37 Costa Rican Colón

Costa Rica is a Latin American country with tropical climate. This might be your favorite destination if you love beaches, jungle with tropical climate.

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