First Nepali To Reach 100K Tweets on Twitter

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Anuj Ghimire from Kathmandu is the first person from Nepal to reach 100K tweets on famous social networking website Twitter. Yes, he is the one with highest number of tweets from Nepal.

Twitter is one of the famous social networking site with unique features like 140 characters limitation. Compared to social media giant Facebook, very few Nepali users are on Twitter. Not more than 0.2 or 0.3 million active users on Twitter are from Nepal. On our last posts we listed out the most followed Nepali personalities and overall Nepali companies on Twitter. Here, we are presenting you the first user from Nepal who crossed 100K tweets benchmark.

Anuj Ghimire is zoologist from Nepal as per his bio says. He completed his Masters in Zoology recently. He mostly tweets about Zoology and his photos from travelling. He joined Twitter in 2012 according to his bio. In short time, he reached 100K tweets on Twitter.

He travels to different parts of Nepal for his research activities. He has posted hundreds of photos on Twitter from his recent research activities. On his 100K tweets he thanked people who helped him to reach that benchmark. Later on, he thanked Ncell for providing free Twitter so that he reached 100K so fast.

His tweets are encouraging to Nepali students who have vision of being Scientist in near future. He plans to make his country shine out in world from his research activities.

Name: Mr Zoologist
Handle: @Mrophiophagus
Bio: Science is the poetry of reality And I’m just a Poet/Scientist in search of Reality! I bug Science! 😉 #Zoologist #Traveler #Cycling #Mufc

Location: Kathmandu
Joined: July 2012




  1. Well, this article has not done enough research it seems. There are others (Nepali) who have reached 100K tweets faster. Few examples are :
    @iSuzKeti Tweets – 109,927
    @apsster Tweets – 124,193

    So, basically no.

  2. Hello Sanjay Bajrachary,

    We fetched the list using Twitter API. So, we fetched the user who had either Kathmandu, Nepal, Pokhara or any other city name included in their bio. As you can see the users you mentioned didn’t fulfil the category for that. So, the research is technically right.

    Thanks for letting us know!
    We will include them in article too 😀

  3. Well, the article said Nepali people not people currently in Nepal. So, i pointed out others have also reached 100K tweets before.


  4. Yo ta naraamro logic bho ni, technically right re. Tapai ko title anusar First Nepali ho, not First Nepali who is in Nepal right now. Tapai ko logic anusar ta Twitter bio ma Kathmandu, Nepal nabhako haru sabai Nepali nai hoina jasto kura bho ta. Mero twitter bio ma Kathmandu, Nepal chaina, k teso bhaye ma Nepali nai hoina? Tapai ko technically correct logic ley ta tehi bhancha jasto laagyo

  5. sahi kuro bro but twitter ma nepal ko citizenship vako manxe with 100K khojde vanna milena 😀 tehi vayera 😛 sorry for the misleading title .. we will fix this article asap.
    keep visiting 😀

  6. Dear whoever wrote this,
    I was in Nepal when I crossed 100k tweets. So just because I changed my location for my further studies doesn’t mean we ain’t Nepalese anymore.I ain’t even gonna take credits that I was the first or whatsoever. All I am concerned about is when you say Nepalese just don’t go with the bio. And its about location rather than where you are from. So next time you wanna write something like this,do keep this in mind.
    Jai Nepal

  7. Hello Asmita Pradhan,

    As we already mentioned we fetched the list using Twitter API. So, we got that technical error.
    And yes we will keep these things in mind.

    Thanks for your comment!
    Cheers 😀