10 Most Common Lies Nepalese Tell

I don’t think there is anyone is this world who hasn’t lied since he/she was born. And if your Nepali, the chances are pretty low. Starting from homework, we lie to many people for very common tasks 😀

1. Oe, ma hidi sake. 5 minute ma aaipugxu k

How will he/she know that I haven’t even stepped out of my home ? 😀

2. Ali milai dinu na, sadai tapai sangai ho kinne

I love discounts. So, I want discounts here and there even though I might not have bought anything from that guy.

3. Dhukka bas, gardinchhu

Some one hand over a task and you don’t want to say no. Don’t worry and forget it. 😛

4. 20 rupiya haina ra vada? Asti ta teti mai gako ho

Public bus conductor are terrible here. So, in order to stop getting cheated, you fake the amount of bus fare even though you don’t know anything about the fare.

5. Sabai ko marks thorai aako chha, question garo thiyo yespali

Well, it’s not my fault. Even the topper scored 80% only.

6. Homework gareko thiye, copy lyaunai vulexu

Remember your child hood? We used this excuse like teacher don’t knew this.

7. last price 200 nai ho, tyo pani tapailai matra

Fixed price? No bargaining? If you don’t bargain, you don’t feel the joy of shopping at all.

8. Sarkari kaam: aaja ta hudaina yo, sir bahira janu vaxa

Really? Secretly hoping for bribe to get the same thing done under 1 hour.