5 Reasons Why Living in Pokhara is Amazing

Pokhara is awesome city known for its grand beauty and hot chicks. This city is located at the center of Nepal. Present above 1000m above the sea level, this city has perfect climate and several other things which makes this city most amazing place to live. It can easily make anyone fall in love with it. Beautiful lakes, amazing night life and cool weather makes this place a major tourist attraction of the whole country.

Check out the reasons what makes Pokhara an amazing city to live.

1. You can see majestic Annapurna Range from your window

Wake up to see that view of Himalayas right from window. That’s astonishing and breathtaking. That’s something you will never forget even when you were in Pokhara just for a single moment.

2. Boating around 7 Lakes in the city

Pokhara is known for its beautiful lakes which beautify Pokhara. From Fewa to Rupa all the lakes have majestic scenarios and beauty. The lakes present here makes the climatic and weather just perfect.

3. This city is near to many trekking routes that you can complete in a single day

You live in Pokhara? Take a day off and explore the nearby villages or go to small trek on Annapurna Conservation Area. You are just few hours away from some awesome Gurung villages with good culture.

4. Lakeside is the Thamel of Pokhara. Probably Even better

You know Pokhara means you know lakeside. Both are like synonymous terms. The pubs and bars here are fantastic.

5. The public transportation system is better than any other city of Nepal

Unlike other crowded cities, the public transportation system is good. Though we neither have metro nor any other railways, public bus races are good to experience sometime.