5 Dumbest Thing About Life in Nepal

Nepal is wonderful country. Himalays on the northern side, Hills on middle and Terai on south, it’s interesting how God packed several geographical conditions in such a small part of world. People here are of different races, some Mongols, some Arya and some other ethinic groups. This clearly shows Unity in Diversity as our country comprises of 4 Caste 36 sub-caste. Several religions living together without any voilence. What would you want more than this for a country?

Truth be hold, no country is perfect. Actually nothing ever is perfect. Nepal is no exception. There are some frustating things about life in Nepal that people come in condition where they say things like this “kahi nabhako jatra handi gau ma”. We all know this slang right?

Here are some dumb thing about life in Nepal we complied with the help of interaction with some awesome folks at our office.

1. If you don’t study plus 2 Science, then you are a loser

People don’t care what you study after Plus 2 but if you didn’t take Science in Plus 2. Then you are a loser. Remaining streams like Mangament and Humanities are left over for losers who couldn’t study properly.

2. If you don’t know how to speak English properly, then you are not intelligent

We know English is important but there is no reason to hate people just for that reason. If you study Private schools and have good English then you are praised everywhere. Else you know the result.

BTW I didn’t study in English medium school. Pardon me for errors. 😛

3. We talk about stopping corruption but ready to pay more for getting works fast

We all know when to talk loud about stopping corruption. We can protest against the system, get some tear gases but will never stop corrupting officers. We blame system and continue as it is.

4. Age defines superiority

You are not allowed to reply someone elder than you. If you replied then you are spoiled child. Be good and listen to what elders tell to you.

5. US or AU cardholder? Then everybody is ready to marry their daughter to them

Tell people that you have permanent residency in US, AU or any other EU country. Almost every people will have rishta ready for you to get their relatives married to them.