This Hilarious Parody “Malai Ghokna Audaina” Can be related by many Nepalese

We, Nepalese are taught to rote learning right from we join school. A for Apple and B for Ball, we all can relate to this. There are many students who can bad in rote learning. They just don’t get this. Rote learning is memorization technique that is mainly dependent to repetition. Teachers will be like “Voli yo ghokera aaija”.

This hilarious parody video of Vanna Aaudaina by Naren Limbu recreates the video in new form “Malai Ghokna Audaina” and everyone would be able to relate this to their student life. “Malai Ghokna Audaina” by Silly Brothers was uploaded back on Dec 2, 2014 according to YouTube.

Go and watch the video to figure out the hilarious concept which shows interaction between teacher and students. The teacher even has magical power.



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