Top 10 Cities To Live in Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful Himalayan country with unmatched natural beauty. There are many cities in Nepal which intensify the beauty of Nepal with several places of historical and natural importance. Only 15% of the total population of Nepal lives in city area. But there many beautiful cities in Nepal to live. From eastern to western and from mountain to terai these cities of Nepal are famous and serve as a important place for respective region.

We have listed out the districts, zones and population according to latest census of the current cities of Nepal.

10. Itahari

Itahari is the largest city of Sunsari district in eastern region of Nepal. This city is 470km far from Kathmandu. It is one of the important transportation junction of Eastern Nepal with over 140K population.

Zone: Koshi
District: Sunsari
Population: 146,549

9. Dharan

Dharan is another major city of Eastern Nepal located in same zone and district as Itahari. The famous B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences is located in Dharan. This city also attracts high number of tourists every year.

Zone: Koshi
District: Sunsari
Population: 116,181

8. Butwal

Butwal is one the major city of Nepal located in Lumbini zone of western region. This city is historical and archaeologically important with fossils of Ramapithecus and ex-Gorkha soldiers.

Zone: Lumbini
District: Rupandehi
Population: 118,462

7. Birgunj

Birgunj is also called gateway to Nepal. This city is near to Raxual of India. So, it is economically important trade route.

Zone: Narayani
District: Parsa
Population: 285,011

6. Bharatpur

Bharatpur city is located on Chitwan valley of Nepal. This city is also called medical city of Nepal with several hospitals.

Zone: Narayani
District: Chitwan
Population: 199,867

5. Biratnagar

Biratnagar is located 300km east of Kathmandu. Biratnagar is one of the tourist hub of Nepal. It is one of the largest city with 261,125 population.

Zone: Koshi
District: Morang
Population: 261,125

4. Pokhara

Pokhara is second largest city of Nepal with unmatched natural beauty. Situated 200km far from Kathmandu, this city is 30miles away from three of ten highest mountain of the world. According to the survey, it is the most expensive city of Nepal.

Zone: Gandaki
District: Kaski
Population: 264,991

3. Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur is located on eastern side of Kathmandu valley. This city is listed on World’s heritage site by UNESCO.

Zone: Bagmati
District: Bhaktapur
Population: 81,748

2. Lalitpur

Lalitpur is located in south-central part of Kathmandu valley. This city is known for cultural heritages and crafts. Bagmati river separtes this city from Kathmandu city.

Zone: Bagmati
District: Lalitpur
Population: 226,728

1. Kathmandu

Kathmandu is the capital and largest municipality of Nepal. This is the only metropolitan city of Nepal. This city has highest population density with over 10lakh population. Kathmandu city consists of several places of historical and archeological importance.

Zone: Bagmati
District: Kathmandu
Population: 1,003,285

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