#GoHomeIndianMedia Trends on Twitter

Nepal was recently hit by large devastating earthquake of 7.8 magnitude. Over 7,000+ people lost their lives and the death toll is still climbing. It’s been more than a week since this earthquake happened. Still Nepalese are not able to get back to normal life. Several countries are helping Nepal in rescue and relief operations.

According to @nraule on twitter, this is the current stat as of writing this blog.

Death toll 7040 damage to buildings 41,233 houses 10,477 government buildings have been fully demolished 41,233 houses been destroyed #Nepal

Hundreds of people in Nepal are working for relief operations. Many people have volunteered to make this process effective. Though we have lost our heritages, several life, we haven’t lost the hope. Nepalese are sure that one day we will rise once again. We will bounce back.

According to the Twitter users of Nepal, Indian media is doing shameful job in Nepal. They are here just to gain TRP. Nepali Twitter users have raised concern of world about the Indian media persons unethical act of boarding in rescue plan for getting news. As per the news source, Indian rescue and relief helicopters are being used Indian news reporter to get photos and videos.

As a result, Nepalese in Twitter started tweeting #GoHomeIndianMedia and it’s now trending on India for 2nd rank.

Even the Indians have supported the trend. Several people have tweeted asking the Indian media from Nepal to get back as soon as possible.

Go Home Indian Media

Here are some of the tweets by Nepalese and Indians:

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