Top 10 Tweets on #SingleBecause

You miss too much of awesome stuffs if you aren’t on twitter. Something go viral on twitter very easily. Today someone started tweeting using hashtag of #SingleBecause and quickly it became the trending topic. Thousands of people were tweeting using the hashtags. We found some of the hilarious tweets on Single Because.

Some tweets are so amazing such that you might actually want to see and meet the Twitterian. hahah, Here are some of the funniest tweets on #SingleBecause

1. Friend Zoned. It hurts always

2. Aww, this happens all the time for ladies

3. One Direction. I hate you for this reason 😛

4. I didn’t get it but sounds nice 😛

5. Because Food doesn’t hurt

6. Some more hate to celebrities

7. Crushes, Crushes Everywhere

8. I’m also thinking of reason being single

9. Madly in Love with Celebrities

So, what’s your reason of being single? Mention your reason (if possible) with #SingleBecause hashtag and mention us. We’ll feature you in this blog. Keep Tweeting!