Top 5 Jaalma Cover

Jaalma Song from Resham Filili was released around 5 months ago and it created sensation among Nepali audience. We have seen almost everyone singing this song once in a while. This song was released by Neube TV YouTube channel on Jan 15, 2015. Jaalma Nepali Song from Nepali feature Film “Resham Filili” became much famous than anything in Nepali ecosystem. The official video has already generated over 2,828,677 views in 5 months. With more than 17 thousand likes on YouTube Video this song is really taken over Nepalese mind. Jaalma Cover Songs were uploaded to YouTube.

The trailer of Resham Filli Movie was released few months ago. The film started on halls on Baisakh 14 few days before the devasting earthquake due to which this film couldn’t do much in box collections. Anyway this song is already enough famous and so many people have covered this songs and posted on YouTube. Here we present you top 5 jaalma cover.

1. Jaalma cover – Chhewang Ft. Zeroosenses ( Resham Filili )

Chewang is a not a new name for Nepali Songs Cover. He has already covered many good songs of old Nepali singers. With more than 214,260 views this video is entertaining with new female voice.

2. Jaalma- Resham Filili~ Nicky Karki

Nicky Karki has done well with her cover. Since the cover is single, it’s doesn’t sound quite natural as other covers but still ranked 2nd with 172,838 views and 1 thousand plus likes.

3. Jaalma- Resham Filili Cover Version Sanjeet & Kabita

This is another song cover by Sanjit and Kabita. This duet gives full respect to song with good voice and excellent music. This jaalma cover has already over 165,199 views on YouTube.

4. Jaalma-Resham Filili (Cover,Karaoke)

Prabesh BK and Prativa BK have done another beautiful cover of Jaalma Song from Resham Filli Movie. He has also provided Karaoke version for other YouTubers.

5. Jaalma / Sooraj Dooba Hai – Gaurav Ft Upashna Chhetri (Synchronicity)

This song is not just cover of Jaalma but a mashup of popular Hindi Song Sooraj Duba Hai and Jaalma cover by Indian. Gaurav, being Indian has a beautiful Nepali ascent and have done well respect to the song. He had also visited Nepal recently before earthquake and have sang another song for Nepalese related to earthquake. This video crossed over 433,935 views with overwhelming response from Nepalese.

What’s your favorite one? Let us know via comments.