Top 5 feelings that Nepalese feels after leaving Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful place. Nobody wants to leave this place. But there are several times in life when you have to do things even if you don’t want to do. Every day hundreds of people leave Nepal for better future, better study and better life. Some go to Gulf countries for jobs whereas some go to European countries and United States for higher studies. They all have different purpose with different destination. But there is something common in them. They are Nepalese and These are the most common feelings that rise in Nepali people after they visit or board to some other country for long period of time. We are not writing this as a real fact but as what most people realize after being in foreign country after leaving Nepal.

1. Nepal is beautiful

Nepali Mountains

People never realize the real beauty behind the mesmerizing mountains and nature until they actually leave Nepal. This happens mostly to those who get into some country which is totally different than Nepal in many natural aspects. It’s difficult to see the mountains and hills like area in most part of other countries making people realize miss it the most.

2. Nepali food

Momo Nepali Food
Momo Nepali Food

We never got time to praise our Nepali food. When once we leave Nepal, the first thing we miss is “Dal bhat tarkari”. We are so much habituated to it that we miss it when we land to country where this rice is not eaten like in Nepal.

3. Nepali society

Yes our society rocks. We care about each other. A women get pregnant everyone in society knows it. This bond we have in our society is rarely found in most other country.

4. Nepali songs

I bet the guy who rarely used to hang out with nepali songs will start listening to Narayan Gopal and other Cool Nepali songs. “Yo man ta mero Nepali ho by 1974 ad” will be the favorite once you leave Nepal 😀 .

5. Nepali girls

Jaalam Resham Filili Song
Nepali Girls

Nepali girls are beautiful and you will miss them a lot after being in foreign nation. To be honest, I’vent seen any beautiful girls than from Nepal. 😛

So, what do you miss most about Nepal?