Top 5 Movies of Aaryan Sigdel

Aryan Sigdel

Aryan Sigdel is not a new name in Nepali movie industry. He is one of the trendy actor in Kollywood. Starting his film journey from “Kismat Nepali Movie”, Aaryan Sigdel movies are widely successful and generally known as Chocolately Hero (I really don’t know what that means 😛 )

Today on August 05, 2015, Aryan Sigdel turned 32. Aryan Sigdel has given many hit movies. Some of them failed too but still he is first choice for every producer on Nepali Movie Field. Among his several blockbuster Nepali movies, we have listed top 5 Arryan Sigdel movies here.

  1. Mero Euta Saathi Cha

    This movie was released on 2011. Despite the criticism faced my movie for copied scenes from Korean movie “A Millionare’s First Love”, this movie was a huge hit. Aryan Sigdel appeared for first time with Namrata Shrestha in this movie. He received National Film Award for his Leading Role in the movie. It is said that this movie scaled up career of Aaryan Sigdel.

  2. Kasle Choryo Mero Maan

    Working with already established actress Rekha Thapa, this movie gained a large number of audience and was widely popular. This was probably the most sucessful of Aaryan Sigdel movies in box office collection.

  3. Mala

    This is one of the good movie from Aryan Sidgel. Even during the release of the movie, Aryan has mentioned that this movie holds a special place in his career. Even though the movie was not that popular, Aryan can be seen in diferent role in this movie. Unlike other, he appeared as a doctor in this film.

  4. First Love

    Aryan Sigdel’s role in this movie gained popularity. He appeared as a lover and his spontaneous acting helped the movie to hit blockbuster. This movie also gained huge amount of audience.

  5. November Rain

    November Rain Nepali movie was released on Baisakh, last year. Worried from long series of unsuccessful movies, this movie created another milestone for him. Working with Namrata Shrestha proved to be successful for him and a good amount of box office collection.

Apart from all these, “Nai Nabhannu La”, “Hifajat”, “Lajja” Aaryan Sigdel movies are also widely popular. We, team from HamroBuzz wishes Happy Birthday to Aaryan Sigdel and prosperity in his Nepali Movie career.