7 Lies That You Were Taught in School

If you have grown up from school life, then you must have realized all of the things school taught you weren’t right. Those things don’t describe the complete truth. Most of the time, complicated details are omitted from the education curriculum to make it easier for students to understand science and many history related topics.  But since school education is important and leaves permanent print on our mind, we can’t get of many wrong/twisted facts taught in school. Let’s find out some of the lies taught in school.

1. Christopher Columbus discovered America

Christopher Columbus Didn't Discover America

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They taught of Christopher Columbus discovered America as if America didn’t had any human settlement and abandoned land on earth. Since that place was already inhabited by humans thousands of years ago with modern society, infrastructure and other things, he can’t actually discover America.

In fact, Christopher Columbus wasn’t even the first person from Europe to discover America. Even before he was born, viking Leif Erikson went to America in 1,000 AD from Europe.

2. Newton discovered Gravity after an apple fell on his head
Newton Didnot Discover Gravity

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This classic story is not really the truth. While it’s true that when he was in his mother’s farm, he observed a apple falling down from a tree. It didn’t fell on his head. That was when he began to wonder what force made the apple fall on ground. And discovered gravity without getting hit on head.

3. Thomas Alva Edison invented the light bulb

Thomas Edison Didnot Invent Bulb

Inventing something and buying patent for something to make it available via business is different thing. Thomas Edison, being a good businessman, bought patent from Henry Woodward and Matthew Evans. In fact, he worked on new bulb based on that bought patent and and the patents of Joseph Swan due to which he was dragged to court. Joseph Swan won the case for patent infrigment by Thomas Edison.

4. Chameleons hide from surrounding by changing colors

It is not the complete lie but the main purpose of changing color by chaemelons is to coomunicate with others. In fact, there are many other purpose of changing colors like regulating temperature. For ex: Changing light color to dark color in order to absorb heat.

5. Diamonds are made from compressed coals

When our school teacher told me this thing, I had secretly made a plan in my mind to compress coals to turn them into diamonds. 😀 Damn! that is never gonna happen. Coal are made of Earth’s land plants and Diamonds are dated older than plants. That basically mean Coals have no roles in formation of Diamond.

Source: Geology,com Diamond Formation

6. Human beings evolved from Chimpanzees

To make things simple, all different primates were supposed to be similar in schools. Teachers told us that we all evolved from monkey. And monkey includes Chimpanzees 😀 As simple as that. That is not actually the truth. Though Chimpanzees and Humans were evolved from same ancestors. Chimpanzees and Humans were differentiated in early steps. A section evolved to become chimpanzees and other became human.

7. British wanted to colonize Nepal

Nepal British War

No. No. This is the not the real truth. East India Company had to attack Nepal in order to save Butwal and Seowraj which was protected diplomatically/militarily by East Indian Company at that time. The war was initiated when Nepali prime minister Bhimsen Thapa demanded tax for the land of Butwal and Seowraj. Morever, Nepal Durbar also didn’t allow East India Company to trade with Tibet through Nepal. British probably didn’t even had thought of having war with Nepal as they were just having their footsteps in South Asia. They had to attack Nepal in order to save their land.

Source: Quora

Do you know any other lies school taught you? Please mention in comments.