10 Reasons to Visit Nepal After Earthquake 2015

After the devasting earthquake of 7.8 magnitude, Nepal is slowly recovering from the disaster. Several people came forward to help Nepal. From richest person of Nepal to several international celebrity came Nepal to help earthquake victims. The earthquake was followed by several small tremors which are stopped as of now. Even though the earthquake was big, it affected only 11 districts out of 75 districts in Nepal. Most of the infrastructure are intact and those destroyed are being rebuilt. One of the question we have heard from different foreigner is “Is Nepal safe for travel after earthquake?” Well, The official press release by Nepal Government on May 2015 has ensured Nepal is safe for tourists and encouraged tourists to visit Nepal.

Visit Nepal After Earthquake
Nepal Earthquake Facts
  1. Mountains still smile from the distance.

    Be it Mt. Everest or Mt. Manaslu, all of our pridy mountains are inact and are welcoming you to visit them. What you thought? Earthquake got enough power to take those mountains down? No, that’s never going to happen, not in your imgaination.

  2. Value for Money

    These days most of the hotel owners, treeking guides, routes are running high discounts for tourists. You can be the adventours one and grab the offers. Basically, you’ll never get such opportunity to visit  beautiful Nepal or any other country in such rates.

  3. Volunteering in Nepal

    Volunteering for people to do something is always a great feeling. You can volunteer in Nepal for the rebuilding after earthquake. Maybe you can help Nepali schools by teaching English (Yeah, They love Foreign teachers). Or just help them with farming.

  4. Back to Normal

    Nepalese are back to their normal lifestyle after earthquake. Morever, it’s been more than 4 months since earthquake hit Nepal.

  5. Disaster Tourism in Nepal

    You can experience how people come together in society like Nepalese in order to help each other. Unlike others, they are very cooperative and that love between neighbours can not be experienced elsewhere.

  6. Your help in rebuilding Nepal

    Your visit, your stay and everything other thing you do will help in rebuilding the Nepal’s economy.

  7. Less Busy roads and places

    Those beautiful trekking routes won’t be crowded like before. You will be able to enjoy the nature to the fullest.

  8. Visiting for Good Cause

    Isn’t it awesome when you visit a beautiful country full of Himalayas and even help them.

  9. Nepal Needs Tourist

    If you have ever been to Nepal, you know you should visit it once again. This is the right time.

  10. Autumn Season

    It’s the best time to visit Nepal and it’s coming near. Go trekking, watch Himalayas, do some adventure sports.

Are these reasons good enough? So when are you visiting Nepal?

Note: This post is highly inspired from this article. Let’s get together to rejuvenate Nepal’s tourism sector and economy. Help tourist to visit Nepal after earthquake. Share this as much as you can.