10 Tweets by Nepalese Way on Twitter Which Are Relatable And Hilarious

Forget those funny social media profiles of foreign nationals you followed in order to get some good laugh. Being Nepalese, we now have someone like pakalu papito. Pakalu papito has now more than 1.2 million of followers on Twitter. Being Nepalese, we all are different from foreign people. There are many unique situations Nepalese face, this Twitter account mostly rants about problem faced by Nepalese children due to their behaviour by Nepalese dad.

Started few weeks ago, this Twitter account already has 120+ hilarious tweets and 350+ followers. If you are Nepali, you shouldn’t miss this account.

Here are some of the hilarious tweets by Nepalese way ( @DazdnConfusd7 ):

10. Beautiful Day to memorize dictionary

9. Thank God It’s Friday. Time to practice Math now 😉

8. If a children does single mistake, Dad will lose his son.

7. School Top Garena Vane Khana Pani Banda Gardinxu

6. Glory of Past, You know these stories. Real Nepalese Way 😉

5. Kapal katnu pardaina? 😛

4. I’m wondering too 😀

3. Do you really want to go on HaamroBazar?

2. Simple aftershocks doesn’t mean you should stop studying

1. Mobile battery has no relation with marks

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