Top 10 Facebook Groups in Nepal

Facebook Groups in Nepal are great place to connect with like minded people. Almost everyone these days use Facebook and they have different varieties of interest. Unlike pages, all people are able to share their feelings and posts in groups. Counting from your little secret group of classmates to big ones, there are thousands of Facebook Groups from Nepal but we’ve listed here some of the top groups based on interaction and members.

  1. Nepalese in Photography

    Nepalese in Photography Facebook Group

    With more than 114,956 number of users on this Facebook group, this is one of the most popular Facebook Groups in Nepal. This awesome Facebook group is for Photographers and Enthusiasts who want to share their images. If you want to get some brilliant images from Nepalese photographer in your Facebook newsfeed, then this is the must join group.

  2. Mens Room Reloaded

    Mens Room Reloaded Facebook LinkMens Rooms Reloaded Facebook Group is a secret one. Alas! We’re writing about this here. You won’t get into Real Mens Rooms Reloaded unless you added there by someone else who is already in the group. When you search for Mens Rooms Reloaded on Facebook, it will show you some random and unofficial groups. It’s a volunteer Facebook Group from Nepal. Started on 2011, this group has more than 70 thousand users and most of them are active. Given the fact that only Only 18+ Nepali straight males are allowed in the group, the number is pretty high. You can view latest jokes, useful articles, social causes, local update on the group.

  3. Carpool Kathmandu

    Carpool Kathmandu Facebook Group in NepalCarpool Kathmandu is a Facebook Group started when “Unofficial Blockade” by India hit Nepal severely with fuel crisis. There were too less public vehicles and due to the fact that Nepalese weren’t  familiar with hitchhiking and lift stuffs, it wasn’t easy for people to commute. For awesome folks started this group to ask and offer lift to the people want to reach somewhere. With more than 102,940 Nepalese on the group, this group has become a place for common discussions lately.

  4. Nepalese in Art

     Nepalese in Art Facebook GroupThis is one of the active group with more than 23 thousand members. Facebook users from Nepal post their artworks. Mostly sketches and 3d works. The cover picture reflects some of the best art work posted on that group.

    Do you know any other? Please help us to list out