10 Countries with no minimum legal drinking age

Minimum Legal Drinking Age defines the age you need to reach after which you are legally allowed to drink alcoholic products. Depending upon the countries and states, you need to become 18 or 20 or any older age in order to start drinking legally.

In Nepal, the minimum legal drinking age is 18. However, some cultures and religions in Nepal allow the drink at very younger age.

To our astonishment,  there are countries with no minimum legal drinking age. Either due to unclear law or no law at all, people may consume alcohol at any age. Even though some kind of law exist in some of the countries listed below, one can drink alcohol with parent even if they haven’t reached the minimum legal drinking age. Most of the countries listed here are from African continent.

1. Cambodia

This south-east Asian nation has no direct law to regulate the drinking age. Cambodia is listed one of the country where Nepali currency is stronger.

2. Burundi

Located on East Africa, 18 has been stated for legal drinking age. But this requirement doesn’t apply if they are accompanied by their parents.

3. Mali

Mali is one of the country with highest alcohol consumption among all other listed country. The law in this country has no law regarding the drinking age.

4. East Timor

This is one of the country which uses United States dollar. Separated recently from Timor, this county doesn’t have any law.

5. Togo

Known for palm-lined beaches and hilltop villages, Togo is a nation bordered by Ghana and Benin.

6. Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone, officially known as Sierra Leone has no law for drinking alcohol.

7. São Tomé and Príncipe

São Tomé and Príncipe is a island country with good beaches and rainforests which may be a beautiful country to visit.

8. Benin

Benin is a french speaking country in West Africa.

9. Burkina Faso

It is a landlocked country in West Africa.

10. Guinea-Bissau

It is one of the least-developed country in world. It’s economy is mainly based on Agriculture.

So, which country you want to go?