TAANDRO Nepali Movie Trailer Released

Nepali movie industry is reaching new height with release of some awesome movies. Well, starting from Loot, Nepali movies took a big turn to make something logical instead of same old drama where two people fell in love, villain came and story was over. Some beautiful movies are making us fall in love in Nepali movies once again.

Few months back we wrote about Resham Filili, the movie was re-released on Bhadra. Earlier, this movie couldn’t do well because of earthquake after second day of release. You can check the official trailer on YouTube or here on our blog. Few days back I had chance to watch “Talakjung Vs Tulke”. That was one of the best movie I ever watched. The way Nischal Basnet was able to present the contemporary situation was just brilliant. I couldn’t thank him more. I rarely watch Nepali movie and I must admit it was one of the best.

TAANDRO is another impressive Nepali movie. By just looking at the trailer, I can say this is yet another piece of brilliancy in Nepali movie industry. Showing the Maoist Civil war from a different perspective, this movie stares Dayahang Rai as the star actor. He acts as Comrade Koshish in the movie. Directed by Samten Bhutia, this movie is presented by Black Horse entertainment and Mountain River films.

You can watch the trailer here. No information has been provided by the trailer about the release date. Stay tuned with us via Facebook and Twitter for more news about the upcoming movie TAANDRO.

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