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Talakjung vs Tulke is one of the best Nepali movie of 2014. Directed by the young and successful Nischal Basnet, this movie was selected as Nepali entry for Best Foreign Language at 88th Academy Awards. With Khagendra Lamichhane as the lead actor, this film shows the contemporary situation brilliantly. Filmed mostly in village of Kaski district, this film shows the problems faced by normal people in those situation. The movie mostly deals with the scenario of lead actor, Talakjung Singh Thakuri, known as Tulke.

Dayahang Rai joins the movie in middle as the lifesaver of Tulke ( Khagendra Lamichhane ). Even though he appears onscreen for little time, he never fails to entertain the audience. Carved around the starting era and post era of Maoist Civil War, the movie shows the changes in society during those times. Richa Sharma plays brilliant role as a village woman. Her lively acting adds new height to the movie.

Presented by Mountain Films, this movie is directed by Nischal Basnet from the famous Loot movie. Basically, whole lots of awesomeness in a single place.

Here, we have listed top 5 reasons to watch Talakjung Vs Tuke Movie Online:

  1. Based on Contemporary Situation
  2. Critically Acclaimed Movie of the year
  3. National Awards Winner
  4. From the director of Loot
  5. Truly Entertaining

Luckily, this movie has been put online by the production company for free. You can watch Talakjung vs Tulke Full Movie Online without paying any money. These are the kind of movie you should have gone to cinema to watch. Nevertheless, it’s good to watch and appreciate good movies. You can watch it here now:

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