Mira Rai Short Movie

Mirai Rai is a short film about a Nepali girl from mountains who discovered her capability to become mountain runner and wins several international tournaments.

After her recent achievements and past struggles, her story is even more interesting. Like other Nepali girls she did had many obstacles on her way to become international mountain runner. She joined Maoist Army when she was 14 running away from home. Her story didn’t end there. She worked hard and was always trying to do something in sport depsite all the problem other Nepalese girls faces. She travelled from her remote village to Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal to try her luck. But she ran out of money and was on the way back home.

That was the time when she met another mountain runner who told her about long running competition in hills. From then starts her success journey, she wins her first race to realize all those obstacles she faced in her teenage years were preparing her for this thing. She realized that those mountainous terrains had made her good enough to participate in international races.

Recently released 4 minutes trailer shows her struggle phase to her current status. Shot in different parts of Nepal, Hongkong and Austrailia this movie shows her teenage village in remote Nepal to places where she won different races.

Mira Rai Facebook page can be reached easily regarding the updates about the movie. The movie is supposed to be released on near future. Taken from the official website of the movie, Mirai Rai hopes to inspire Nepali girls being a role model for all girls who want to do something despite lack of opportunity.