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    Top 5 Highest Paid Nepali Actress

    Top 5 Highest Paid Nepali Actress

    While the pay for hero and heroine has the difference of sky and land in Nepali Movies, things are starting to improve. This new actress has made the headline of news by getting paid 5 lakhs for her new movie. Still, this is 4 times less than what highest paid actor Anmol KC got for […] More

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    Highest Paid Nepali Actors

    Top 5 Highest Paid Nepali Actors

    Nepali Movie Industry is progressing at skyrocketing rate. Movies are earning far more than ever and actors are also making big bucks out of the system. Depending upon popularity among the audience, Nepali Actors take somewhere between 2 lakhs to 10 lakhs for a single movie. Here we have a list of highest paid Nepali […] More

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    Nepal Army Aircrafts

    Nepal Army Buying Military Aircraft From Indonesia

    Nepal Army is buying PTDI military transport aircraft, CN235-220 as reported by Indonesian News Portal. According to TEMPO.CO, representatives of the Nepalese Army and Indonesian officials have already signed a purchase contract to that end. A press release by PT Dirgantara Indonesia, the state-owned aerospace company announced that the contract was signed between Maj Gen […] More

  • 5 Facts about Miss Nepal Beauty Pageant

    Recently, Nikita Chandak from Urlabari, Morang is crowned Miss Nepal 2017. She is the first person from Marwari community to be crowned Miss Nepal. Even before coming to Miss Nepal, she was a profession model and is studying Fashion Communication at JD Institute of Fashion Technology India, Banglore. After the competition, we wanted to know […] More

  • Nikhil Upreti Biography

    Top 5 Facts about Nikhil Upreti

    Born on August 10, 1980, Nikhil Upreti is one of the most successful and established actors of Kollywood. After Rajesh Hamal, the Super Hero of Nepal, Nikhil Upreti is one of the most popular hero amoung 90s kid. He is mostly known for his own stunts and fighting skills that many of the other actors […] More

  • Sahana Bajracharya Biography

    Top 5 Facts about Sahana Bajracharya

    Sahana Bajracharya is a Nepali model, whom we mostly see anchoring programs and TV shows. Having gained lots of experience in the media, she has also appeared as a guest actress in the movie called GoodBye Kathmandu in 2012. However, people commonly recognize her as Miss Nepal Earth 2010. Let’s know her more from her […] More

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    Niti Shah Biography

    Top 5 Facts about Niti Shah

    Kathmandu-born model Niti Shah is perhaps best known for being one of the most beautiful faces in Nepal. The black eyed and dark haired beauty gained recognition in a very short period, yet she has just crossed her teenage. This promising model is all time occupied in her work as well as study. There’s much […] More

  • Swastima Khadka

    Top 5 Facts about Swastima Khadka Facts

    Swastima Khadka became the talk of the town since she debuted in Suraj Bhushal’s movie called ‘Hostel Returns’ in 2015. Prior to that, she did some music videos, particularly the music video of ‘Hunny Bunny Part 2’ gained herself with a recognition of being a model. She is barely 21 and is a hype in […] More

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    Anmol KC Facts, Dating, Girlfriend

    Top 5 Facts about Anmol KC

    Anmol KC is the rising star of Kollywood who has played only four movies and they are all commercially successful. There are many people who praise his acting, however, there are not less number of people, if not more, who claim his acting to be poor. Despite his amateur acting skills, a huge number of […] More

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    Ayushman Deshraj Shrestha Joshi

    Top 5 Facts about Ayushman Deshraj Shrestha Joshi

    Ayushman Deshraj Shrestha Joshi is a rising name in Nepali Film Industry and most often a subject to talk among Nepali youth. He is a debuting actor of Chapali Height 2 but the movie hasn’t yet released. The releasing date is out which is Bhadra 2. The trailer of the movie has already persuaded the […] More

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    Rajesh Hamal Facts Wedding Wife Networth

    Top 5 Facts about Rajesh Hamal

    The Legendary Superstar Rajesh Hamal is not a new name to anyone in Nepal. Words obviously fall short describing him. People living in every corner of Nepal know this man who don’t need an introduction. Here is our attempt to show some extraordinary Rajesh Hamal Facts Full Name: Rajesh Hamal Nick Name: Rajesh Dai, Shankar, […] More