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  • ५ पढ्नै पर्ने पुस्तकहरु

    १ . अरेस्टिंग गड इन  काठमाडु अरेस्टिंग गड इन  काठमाडु नेपाली -अमेरिकन लेखक सम्राट उपाध्याय ले लेखेका हुन्।  पश्चिम मा नेपाली लेखक द्वारा अंग्रेजी मा लेखिएको यो नै पहिलो पुस्तक हो। यो ९ वटा काठमांडू को  दैनिक सेरोफेरोको झलक दिने  छोटो कथाहरु को संग्रह हो। उक्त पुस्तक ले उत्कृस्ट ढंग बाट इछ्या र अध्यात्म को प्रकृति […] More

  • 5 Facts about Miss Nepal Beauty Pageant

    Recently, Nikita Chandak from Urlabari, Morang is crowned Miss Nepal 2017. She is the first person from Marwari community to be crowned Miss Nepal. Even before coming to Miss Nepal, she was a profession model and is studying Fashion Communication at JD Institute of Fashion Technology India, Banglore. After the competition, we wanted to know […] More

  • Dayahang Rai

    Top 5 Facts about Dayahang Rai

    At present, Dayahang Rai is known as the most renowned and beloved actor in Nepal. Starting his career through theater, this rising star is now totally busy in Nepali Film Industry. He has established himself by doing such a great acting in the movies like ‘Loot‘, and most significantly in ‘Kabaddi‘ and its second version […] More

  • Saugat Malla, Nickname, Earnings

    Top 5 Facts about Saugat Malla Facts

    Who is Saugat Malla? Saugat Malla is a Nepalese actor who debuted in the movie Kagbeni in the year 2008. He is mostly recognized for his role of Hakku Kale in the movie LOOT. His acting is well appreciated by everyone. Many people think that he is one of the most talented actors in Nepali […] More

  • Rajesh Hamal Facts Wedding Wife Networth

    Top 5 Facts about Rajesh Hamal

    The Legendary Superstar Rajesh Hamal is not a new name to anyone in Nepal. Words obviously fall short describing him. People living in every corner of Nepal know this man who don’t need an introduction. Here is our attempt to show some extraordinary Rajesh Hamal Facts Full Name: Rajesh Hamal Nick Name: Rajesh Dai, Shankar, […] More

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    Rekha Thapa Facts

    Top 5 Facts about Rekha Thapa

    Many of us know Rekha Thapa as a heroine only which is certainly not sufficient enough to judge her. We have to be more specific before we say something about someone. So, I have extracted some fascinating facts about her personal life. Now let’s move to those top five Rekha Thapa facts. Full Name: Rekha […] More

  • Mira Rai Short Movie

    Mirai Rai is a short film about a Nepali girl from mountains who discovered her capability to become mountain runner and wins several international tournaments. After her recent achievements and past struggles, her story is even more interesting. Like other Nepali girls she did had many obstacles on her way to become international mountain runner. […] More

  • Watch Talakjung Vs Tulke Full Movie Online

    Talakjung vs Tulke is one of the best Nepali movie of 2014. Directed by the young and successful Nischal Basnet, this movie was selected as Nepali entry for Best Foreign Language at 88th Academy Awards. With Khagendra Lamichhane as the lead actor, this film shows the contemporary situation brilliantly. Filmed mostly in village of Kaski […] More

  • TAANDRO Nepali Movie Trailer Released

    Nepali movie industry is reaching new height with release of some awesome movies. Well, starting from Loot, Nepali movies took a big turn to make something logical instead of same old drama where two people fell in love, villain came and story was over. Some beautiful movies are making us fall in love in Nepali […] More

  • 10 Tweets by Nepalese Way on Twitter Which Are Relatable And Hilarious

    Forget those funny social media profiles of foreign nationals you followed in order to get some good laugh. Being Nepalese, we now have someone like pakalu papito. Pakalu papito has now more than 1.2 million of followers on Twitter. Being Nepalese, we all are different from foreign people. There are many unique situations Nepalese face, this Twitter […] More