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  • Nikhil Upreti Biography

    Top 5 Facts about Nikhil Upreti

    Born on August 10, 1980, Nikhil Upreti is one of the most successful and established actors of Kollywood. After Rajesh Hamal, the Super Hero of Nepal, Nikhil Upreti is one of the most popular hero amoung 90s kid. He is mostly known for his own stunts and fighting skills that many of the other actors […] More

  • Sahana Bajracharya Biography

    Top 5 Facts about Sahana Bajracharya

    Sahana Bajracharya is a Nepali model, whom we mostly see anchoring programs and TV shows. Having gained lots of experience in the media, she has also appeared as a guest actress in the movie called GoodBye Kathmandu in 2012. However, people commonly recognize her as Miss Nepal Earth 2010. Let’s know her more from her […] More

  • Priyanka Karki Facts, Height, Weight, Endorsement, Divorse

    Top 5 Facts about Priyanka Karki Facts

    Priyanka Karki has been linked with beauty and an enthusiasm which not many Kollywood actresses are able to pull off. She has established herself as a bold actress after working as a model, singer, dancer, and a choreographer. Be it romance, comedy, or action, this beauty accomplishes all with ease. She is known to be […] More

  • Dayahang Rai

    Top 5 Facts about Dayahang Rai

    At present, Dayahang Rai is known as the most renowned and beloved actor in Nepal. Starting his career through theater, this rising star is now totally busy in Nepali Film Industry. He has established himself by doing such a great acting in the movies like ‘Loot‘, and most significantly in ‘Kabaddi‘ and its second version […] More

  • Saugat Malla, Nickname, Earnings

    Top 5 Facts about Saugat Malla Facts

    Who is Saugat Malla? Saugat Malla is a Nepalese actor who debuted in the movie Kagbeni in the year 2008. He is mostly recognized for his role of Hakku Kale in the movie LOOT. His acting is well appreciated by everyone. Many people think that he is one of the most talented actors in Nepali […] More

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    Anmol KC Facts, Height, Weight, Salary per movie, Networth

    Top 5 Facts about Anmol KC

    Anmol KC is the rising star of Kollywood who has played only four movies and they are all commercially successful. There are many people who praise his acting, however, there are not less number of people, if not more, who claim his acting to be poor. Despite his amateur acting skills, a huge number of […] More

  • 10 Countries with no minimum legal drinking age

    Minimum Legal Drinking Age defines the age you need to reach after which you are legally allowed to drink alcoholic products. Depending upon the countries and states, you need to become 18 or 20 or any older age in order to start drinking legally. In Nepal, the minimum legal drinking age is 18. However, some […] More

  • 10 Reasons to Visit Nepal After Earthquake 2015

    After the devasting earthquake of 7.8 magnitude, Nepal is slowly recovering from the disaster. Several people came forward to help Nepal. From richest person of Nepal to several international celebrity came Nepal to help earthquake victims. The earthquake was followed by several small tremors which are stopped as of now. Even though the earthquake was big, it […] More

  • 7 Lies That You Were Taught in School

    If you have grown up from school life, then you must have realized all of the things school taught you weren’t right. Those things don’t describe the complete truth. Most of the time, complicated details are omitted from the education curriculum to make it easier for students to understand science and many history related topics.  But […] More

  • 10 Nepali who became successful without SLC degree

    School Leaving Certificate, commonly known as SLC is regarded as iron gate of Nepali education system which opens the door for higher education. It was used to referr as minimum qualification everyone in Nepal must get in order to get job (though it’s kinda changed nowadays). But exceptions are everywhere. There are many well known […] More