Nepali Flag

Most Unique Flag in the world!

Out of some representing elements of Nepal to the world, it’s flag is the unique one. Not because it is too much bigger or smaller in size but of its shape. Unlike other national flags throughout the globe, the Nepalese national flag is by far the most distinguishable as it is triangular, and the only one having so.

The national flag of Nepal consists of two overlapping right triangles, with crimson red and blue color. The upper triangle is smaller which has a stylized moon in white color. The lower triangle, on the other hand, is a bigger triangle displaying a twelve pointed sun which is also in white.
A message of the longevity of the nation, cool weather and shade in the Himalayas, and peace of the kingdom is reflected by the moon. Similarly, the sun represents the warmth of terai region and vicious quality of Nepalese people. It also makes a good sense of country lasting forever which means not colonizing by others.

Why crimson red and triangles?

Well, we all know that the national flower of Nepal is Rhododendron which has crimson red on it. So, this was used in the flag with bordered blue.

The meaning of the two triangles has changed along with the change of time. They used to be understood as the merger of two penons which symbolizes the Himalaya mountains with their charges representing families of the king and the prime minister. But now they are taken as the denotation of the two major religions of Nepal, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Originally the flag was composed of the sun and the moon having human faces. They were eradicated to revolutionize the flag.

Being a distinctive flag, it suffers, or say, we Nepalese don’t always retain the actuality of the flag. In many events, it was used incorrectly. A very good example of this error can be the recent Olympic games 2016, where the white part of the flag wasn’t in 3:2 ratio.

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Nepali Flag

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Nepali Flag
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