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  • 5 Dumbest Thing About Life in Nepal

    Nepal is wonderful country. Himalays on the northern side, Hills on middle and Terai on south, it’s interesting how God packed several geographical conditions in such a small part of world. People here are of different races, some Mongols, some Arya and some other ethinic groups. This clearly shows Unity in Diversity as our country […] More

  • 5 Reasons Why Living in Pokhara is Amazing

    Pokhara is awesome city known for its grand beauty and hot chicks. This city is located at the center of Nepal. Present above 1000m above the sea level, this city has perfect climate and several other things which makes this city most amazing place to live. It can easily make anyone fall in love with […] More

  • Nepal Mountain Bike – Best Day of My Life [Video]

    This video of a 15 years old Chris riding his mountain bike in Pokhara Nepal will blow your mind away. He is top downhill mountain biker in Nepal. He has won several competitions and titles. He has a British father and Nepali mother and hopes for change in law of Nepal so that he can […] More

  • 10 Most Common Lies Nepalese Tell

    I don’t think there is anyone is this world who hasn’t lied since he/she was born. And if your Nepali, the chances are pretty low. Starting from homework, we lie to many people for very common tasks 😀 1. Oe, ma hidi sake. 5 minute ma aaipugxu k How will he/she know that I haven’t […] More

  • Top 10 Pharrell Williams – Happy Videos from Nepal

    Pharrell Williams – Happy video from Nepal presents majestic natural beauty of Nepal, cute boys/girls and some crazy unusal dance steps. From Kathmandu to Butwal, Kathmandu University to Pokhara, everyone from Nepal have tried to make their videos stand out. Pharrell Willams – Happy Video with energetic tune that lifts up drooping spirit has topping […] More

  • Top 10 Most Followed Twitter Account in Nepal

    Few weeks ago, we listed Top 20 Most Followed Nepalese Persons on Famous Social Networking site Twitter. Today, we are back with the list of most followed Twitter account in Nepal which will list the companies and medias from Nepal which have the highest number of followers from Nepal. This list is mostly dominated by online […] More

  • Top 5 Unique Food Of Nepal

    Nepal is a country full of diversities. Ranging from unique geographical conditions and hundreds of castes and languages, Nepalese also entertains several dishes and most of them are unique. Food in Nepal is directly influenced by the different cultures and traditions of the people living here. Here we are presenting top 5 unique food of nepal. 1. […] More